We are committed to passing on my grandma’s recipes to heal your needs.

We wanted to address the concerns of skin problems and provide anti-itch products that everyone can choose without hesitation.

The entrance to all kinds of care, both healing and preparation

Itchy skin requires treatment and care that not only prevents the symptoms from worsening, but also restores the skin's barrier function to prevent itchiness from recurring.

We care for your entire family, including four legged children

We produce environmentally friendly, sustainable skin care products which are safe for both humans and their pets (cats and dogs).

  • Mission statement

    To provide natural remedies that support and maximize the body’s innate healing power, passing down ancient wisdom to the next generation.

  • Vision

    Guided by the timeless wisdom of the ancients, our company envisions a future where the treasures of natural skincare are not just preserved but also passed down to the next generation. We are committed to being the bridge between the profound knowledge of our ancestors and the modern world. Our vision is to create a legacy of holistic wellbeing, where the wisdom of the past continues to inspire and benefit the skincare routines of tomorrow; ensuring that future generations experience the nourishing embrace of nature’s age-old secrets.


    We are driven by the belief that true beauty is a reflection of health, harmony, and nature. Our company philosophy revolves around the idea that nature has provided us with everything we need to nurture and enhance our skin. We are committed to harnessing the power of natural ingredients to create skincare products that not only beautify but also promote holistic well-being. Our passion lies in creating a healthier, more radiant you, naturally.